General Information

Over the last half of the decade several of the talented modification projects have begun implementing plans to monetize their content. There are many valid reasons for this. Modern game development has quickly become a daunting task.

The problem is, only a handful of developers will ever realize the dream of becoming a commercial success.

Our organization was incorporated to provide the community with an alternative. We intend to enable one another through the utilization of a non-profit structure. We believe the combination of emotional maturity and realistic expectations will develop the foundations necessary to find success in our endeavors.

This is a unique idea that has not been tried before. Anyone who is dedicated, mature, and like-minded is welcome to help us build our organization.

We look forward to seeing you on the road ahead.
Graphic Explanation

NVDG is a collection of independent game development projects organized under a nonprofit structure. We incorporated to provide the community with a counter organizational model to contrast the recent tendency of game modification projects incorporating as for profit studios.

We believe the community's original spark of life has grown dim in recent years. We hope our organization will provide a new direction for the community to strive for.

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